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I'm not a game player. My time on the PC is spent on creative stuff. But I might be inclined to waste some time on the Never Ending Level Game.External Link Gotta tip my hat to those smart Flash programmers and their action script.External Link

Speaking of Flash.....What I use is SwishMax, which I see now has a new upgrade.External Link But 149.99....whew! I don't use it that much so I really am not sure about upgrading any time soon. I haven't checked the site yet to see if a discount for an upgrade is available to existing users.

I have been using it since it was a measly little text thing. And now since the first SwishMax it has it's own scripting capabilities. Think because it's not THE Flash it's easy? Nope, think again. It's not as complex as the big, bad, and powerful Flash,External Link but it's still a complicated piece of software.

I also own SwishPix, but don't use it that much for the lack of control over things.

My favorite is a small no frills little program that I use for tossing up quick slideshows at times for the photo of the day...Flash Slideshow Maker Professional.External Link For me it was worth the 50.00 to go 'pro'. I love this little gem.

Want more ooomph...go SwishMax, but for quick and easy this one is the way to go.

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