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New PostFebruary 8 - The Table Quest

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Looking for a new kitchen table. Two reasons. I hate this table. I just don't like it, and I've been living with it for awhile.

It's actually a dining room table that belonged to hubby's dad and step-mom. And was fine when we were actually using it as such and not as the every day table. (That was when we had a dining room and also an oval kitchen table which we have since given away to someone who needed one.)

But it's a drop leaf...two of them. And we have one leaf dropped and one extended.

The size is good, but man you can't lean on the end too hard you know? And my guys have a hard time fitting into the space in the middle...no leg room for them.

I'm sick of it, and since the tot and I are suddenly spending a lot of time at the table doing crafty stuff I want something sturdier. Something that is NOT a drop leaf. Something that I actually will like. Did I say I HATE this table?

And here lies the issue....

Years back when we bought new living room furniture I saw and fell in love with this butcher block table that had ceramic tiles on the top. I don't go ga-ga over furniture much, but I mean I fell in love with this thing.

Well I found one something along that line on Amazon.External Link (Like the table, hate the chairs.) Not THE one, but similar style. The thing is that in thinking about it I realized that such a table is not going to be functional. Lets say you sit down to write something....pay bills...whatever....the bumpy tiles are going to be annoying.

So scratch the tile top. I'm all about function. It has to be usable and comfortable rather than something that just looks pretty. Hey, I'm going to be using my furniture, not sitting around looking at it.

And speaking of function...thus far I've visited two furniture stores. I am amazed at the number of tables that are counter height. Two things about those: 1) A short person such as myself won't be able to eat off the damn thing and 2) A short person such as myself wants to sit down, not climb up a chair in order to eat. What the hell?

So according to my sister, the simple kind of kitchen table she thinks I am looking for would be called a 'farm table'. And yup sure enough that is it. And I've found some online that I love. but I don't love the price tagExternal Link on them.

I probably won't end up with one of those, but I will be happy to find just the right butcher block style table that has a leaf that can go in for holiday crowds. Two things I've always wanted....a butcher block table and a sectional sofa. (But one needs a large living room to hold a sectional sofa, soooo.........one of those isn't in my future any time soon.)

So there you have it....the quest for a new kitchen table in on.

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