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New PostFebruary 11 - Baaaaaad Day

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All I have to say is this... Faaaaaaaaaaaak! This in regards to this wonderful new Massachusetts health care reform, which says that by law we the un-insured MUST have health insurance or else we get penalized with tax penalties. For those like us (self employed) who cannot afford private insurance the state is supposed to help us get coverage that we can afford.

This folks is bullshit. And I am irritated, agitated, frazzled, and downright pissed from spending the day on the phone on hold getting nowhere, getting no freakin' helpful information from snotty bitchy people who really can't be bothered to answer my many questions and point me in the right direction as to which program we would qualify for.

We had to first apply and get denied 'Mass Health' before moving on to applying for something different. We knew that. We knew we would not qualify for *free* health care...even said that with the initial call for information. But it would seem that we have to get denied for this, that, and the other thing before anyone will actually tell us which way to turn.

More on the bullshit later...right now I am too annoyed to discuss it. I wanna go home to Southington, Connecticut. Maybe we were not insured there, but hey nobody really cared.

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