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New PostFebruary 20 - Don't Be Rude

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Rude. Un-Ethical & Wrong. I do not enter online photo contests. Well except for one...The Photoworkshop - Adobe Digital Imaging Competition that is held each year, and is judged by an actual panel of judges.

And you know what bugs me about those contests that allow anyone and everyone to vote rather than having a panel of judges?

It's that so and so will enter a contest or have a friend who has entered and then will post on web forums asking people to go and vote for them or their friend.

And these people DO IT.

They go and vote for so and so, NOT because so and so's work is better than someone elses...no they vote for someone they like because the person asked them to!

This is rude. un-ethical and just plain WRONG. It then becomes more of a popularity contest instead of about art.

What if there are other images that are far better. What if so and so's image who is getting those asked for votes is just mediocre, and someone else's image is superior?

Hmmm...no that image won't be ahead because that person isn't running around the web soliciting votes. Bah...it just pisses me off that people will go around saying 'please go vote for me and my image'.

How about winning on your own merits? How about losing and learning something from it?

Is the prize whatever it might be worth it when you know you may have won by stooping to shoddy behavior? Can you be proud that you won on your own because your work truly was the best? When you mention your win to others do you thrown in 'I won because I asked people to vote for me and so five hundred people did.'

That is pure bullshit. You have in essence won nothing. You have in essence cheated by soliciting votes. Now aren't you so very proud of your 'winning image'?

And to those who comply with the request...'I voted for you', "So did I', 'Ditto..'. Hey you must be really proud of your honesty and integrity.

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