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New PostFebruary 25 - Poor Little Critter

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It's about done. Turbo-tot's tadpole shrimp aka 'Aquasaur' aka Triops.External Link appears to be nearing the end of its life cycle.

It has spent the last four days just lying on its back.Photo At first it was moving its 'legs' to beat the band, and now it's barely 'kicking' (for lack of a better word) at all.

They don't live long...from what I've read the longest one has lived was 99 days.

This one is approximately nine weeks old, and I guess average is eight weeks. Sister has more eggs I guess, so we can hatch more. Still I hate the see a kid lose a critter, and I probably will shed some tears when this one finally goes.

In other news.....I am boo-booed...have been since Thursday night with muscle spasms or something pinched in my hip/leg. Sciatic nerve maybe? Dunno...this is something completely new. And aside from the physical pain there is the pain in the wallet. The call to the oil company. This time 150 gallons is 493.50.

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