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New PostMarch 12 - Let's Face It

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Cosmetically speaking... Have a look around the entertainment industry. Face lifts, Botox, Collogin, hair plugs, boob jobs, tummy tucks, ass tucks, and whatever the hell else is used. Why?

These aging people look plastic! Faces pulled so tight and parts puffed up so much that they are unable to have expressions and/or show emotion! How about accepting the fact that we all age and that process is a natural thing? Do they have any clue as to how fake and phony they look?

Hey, at fifty I look in the mirror and sometimes do not recognize myself. No...it's my mother looking back at me. But you know what? Mom was an amazing women, so that's okay.

Let's face it folks. Anything with the word 'plastic' in it means just that. Plastic. Fake. Phony.

Be proud of who you were, but also be proud of who you've become. Even if the 'new' older you is sagging in places...it's okay. Really.

Be comfortable in your own skin. The results of all of that 'work' you've had done is not attractive.

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