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New PostMarch 13 - I Need To See

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Yes, I am concerned about global warming. I do what I can. However.....being that my vision is really bad, I think I am 20/50 - 20/70 and that is with my bi-focals which I put on first thing in the morning and take off last thing at night.

It isn't ever going to be better than that, and I can't deal with low light and lots of shadows, I do burn 100 watt regular bulbs. Yes I do. I have to.

In my bathroom we have energy saving bulbs my sister picked up at Costco. We have those funky lights in the ceiling that sort of resemble outside lights. Know what I'm talking about? Well with those energy saving bulbs, I can't see shit in there. I can't wait until the suckers burn out and can be replaced with something I can actually see by.

I have tried those new curly q bulbs and I can't see shit with them. Honestly...when I read directions on packages in the kitchen I have to use a large magnifying glass. I can strain to see the small print, but the lighting in the kitchen even with big bulbs is very shadowy, and I can't 'effin see.

I also burn night lights. Three in the kitchen, three in the living room, one in our bedroom (that goes off when we go to bed), one in the bathroom, one in the hallway that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom, and one on the wall on the stairs (so our son whose room is up there can see coming down), and one in the room that doubles as turbo-tots room and my computer room.

So my husband goes to Costco, and comes home with these energy saving LED night lights that turn themselves on and off etc. etc. etc....translation....you can't see. A Bic lighter puts off more light than these stupid things. Those son-of-a-bitches are going back to where they came from.

I really wish I could show people what I see...or rather what I don't see, so they could understand.

I was born this way. I was the kid in school who had to sit up front 'in order to see the blackboard'.

I don't drive. I don't see the words on a sign until I am literally right on top of it. You don't want me on the road with you. I take a lot of shit about not driving. But you know what? I am still alive and so are other people. I know what I see, and more importantly I know what I don't see.

I know...it's kind of ironic that photography is my passion..but then that's the thing...cameras need light, and lenses magnify things. As far as my 'eye'....well that's not really about your visual acuity, so yeah...I take good photographs despite my crappy vision. My real vision is my inner vision.

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