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New PostMarch 16 - New Cleaning Gadjet

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Okay I bought one. I bought it at Wallgreens for less then it sells elsewhere. I bought the Swivel Sweeper.External Link While it's not the best constructed thing in the world, I like it for what it is....a quick cleanup tool for in bewteen regular vacuuming, and for quick mess pickup.

It has some pros and cons. On the plus side, it's great for those quick pickups, especially when you have kidlets around. You don't want to drag out the big guns for every spill, but you don't want crumbs ground into the carpet either.

It's excellent on bare floors, you know...the Play-Doh crumblies, the junk you spill while cooking, the dirt and crap that comes in on the bottom on construction boots and the like.

It's excellent on low pile carpet. But on thicker pile you have to be careful. The large area rug in my living room has quite a thick pile. And the first few times I used it in there the dirt cup came off and I had a mess. Ditto when I went from the hardwood around the area rug up onto the rug itself. You have to actually lift the Swivel Sweeper up onto the carpet if it's a thicker pile.

The trick is to use it with a light touch on thick pile carpet, otherwise the dirt cup somehow 'trips' for lack of a better word, comes off, and you have a mess. Just remember that this isn't a vacuum and use a light touch.

Another con is that the dirt cup is small and doesn't sit flush. You have to empty it frequently otherwise dirt will spew out the side.

The third con is that the battery charge doesn't last long.

All in all though, I'm happy with it. Much easier than the broom and dustpan, and convenient when you don't want to drag out the heavy vac for a few crumblies on the carpet.

My central vac is cumbersome, and my upright is heavy and loud, the Swiffer just isn't enough most of the time around here, so this electric sweeper is good for in-between regular cleaning, and for quick easy mess pick up.

I'd recommend it. You just have to do the maintenance of keeping the dirt cup and brushes clean, and not be heavy handed with it on thick pile carpet.

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