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New PostMarch 20 - Stupid Comcast

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Cannot get e-mail from Comcast users. Sigh....my sister tells me that every time she tries to send me a message it gets bounced back. So I logged into my Comcast e-mail and tried to send myself a message to the address that I use...this domain. And it came back.

I knew what was happening. See I use my domain here because well...it's the one that won't ever change. See as renters one never knows when a move is going to have to happen, and that sometimes means a change in ISP's, so to use my domain's e-mail just makes sense.

I have always had my e-mail forwarded to my ISP address. Always. I did it with SNET and Cox in CT, and then when we moved I did it with Comcast here in MA. Then one day I found I wasn't getting any e-mail....

It turned out that Comcast was blocking the IP. My host got it unblocked quickly, and all was fine for awile.

Then a couple of months back I discovered that it had been blocked again. So this time I said 'screw it', and now I just retrieve my e-mail straight from my domain/website. I have my e-mail client set to get messages straight from sapphirestuios, and I send through Comcast.

Well it appears that anyone trying to send messages to Sapphire Studios from a Comcast account is un-able to...the IP is still blocked.

I filled out a form requesting the block be lifted and was told that is was. But it isn't. I cannot send to my domain from my online Comcast account, neither can my son or my sister. I guess that would include anyone and everyone using Comcast who tries to send me e-mail thorough my domain here.

The reason I was forwarding from the domain to my ISP account is that Comcast's spam filters are a whole lot better than what is used on my server. I think that all of the spam coming through to me might have triggered Comcast's spam filters causing the block. And also whenever I am away from home and my own e-mail client, I could get all messages from one place and do it online through Comcast from any computer anywhere. It's just easier to have everything all in one place.

In any case I just have not had the time or patience to deal with it all yet.

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