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New PostMarch 28 - Too Sore To Think

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God it's hard to even think about a post. When sitting in this chair is so painful. The heating pad is my new best friend, and I seem to do better sitting on the floor as opposed to having my leg hanging off a chair.

Laying down is okay as long as I don't do it for too long and watch myself when I'm getting up so I don't twsit or turn in a way that causes intense pain.

I dunno....maybe a chiropractor would help....but then no insurance you know...plus with some scary things I've read about chiropractors I'm a bit leery of them. We shall see....depends on how much longer this sciatica thing goes on, and how much I can take it before I crack.

The fact that silly stretching exercises has become a part of my daily routine annoys me. I wish I could just twist or turn in some way that would just undo the pinching that is going on in there ya know?

I can feel the twitching of the muscles in my leg and behind, and I sometimes wish just one big twitch would undo everything and put my back, bum and leg back to normal.

I am not going to take getting old well...nope, I'm not.

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Sorry to hear of your distress. A chiro would probably help, I see one on a regular basis, but for sciatica try acupuncture. I has worked for sciatica relief. Some discomfiture at first, but relief after 3 or 4 sessions. ”

CommentsPosted by: Terry Goertzen on Monday, March 31, 2008

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