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New PostMarch 30 - Sleep Positions

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Warning...this is one of those whiny old person posts... So I reach fifty years.... And suddenly I am plagued by sciatica. And it sucks. Today has been halfway decent...there, annoying, but not awful like Friday and Saturday were. I have figured out that 6-7 hours of sleep in somehow the right position is about all I can do, and I must gingerly get out of bed and carefully reach down for my fuzzy socks, and ever so slowly get them on my feet in the morning.

Ahhhh the morning...there would be the bane of my existance...for the morning is the result of my sleeping position. Now I ask you...how the hell does one change the way they have slept..like forever?

I sleep on one side or the other...I switch during the course of slumber. But I sleep in somewhat a semi-fetal position....neck slightly bent, knees slightly bent, arm bent and tucked under the pillows.

My lifelong sleeping position is no longer my friend.

I don't know what I do when I sleep, so how the hell am I supposed to change the way I sleep to accommodate a new aliment? (I only know how I sleep due to the fact that I know how I fall asleep and wake up, and I've been married to the same man for almost twenty four years now, and he knows how I sleep.)

I gotta tell ya.....I'd love to have my fit (and trim size 5) younger body back. The one that could sleep in any position and wake up fine and dandy. The one the didn't smell of BenGay, and didn't wake up sweaty due to a combo of mental pause and a heating pad.

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