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Wow three days in a row! Yeah! This has been day number three pretty much pain free. It's there, a bit annoying but whew, much better. Maybe tomorrow I might be able to lay off the freakin' Advil.

I have been diligent about swallowing three Advil every four hours for the past three days. (That is a tad bit less than prescription strength....I finally went duh! we get huge bottles of this stuff at Costco...why pay for a prescription when I can just take a few more of what I already have? It's the same shit.)

I know that the problem in my back that causes 'sciatica' isn't going to go away, but hopefully I have finally gotten rid of this 'bout' of it. And hopefully I will be able to figure this out as I go....so I will understand how not to twist or turn or whatever to set it off.

There are things they can do, and unless I get to the point of 'just shoot me now', no thanks.

Cortizone injections - Ummm...I've had two of them in my heel and have sworn them off. Oh.my.God. that hurts.

Trigger Point Injections & Nerve blocks - My husband gets these on a regular basis. I've watched that ginourmous needle going into his back. Hellllllllllll nooooooooooo.

Surgery - Unh-uh. Have you read some of the shit that has happened to people after they have gone under the knife and had thier spines messed with? Faaaaaaak no! Even if we had insurance I would not go this route.

The hard part is going to be modifying my own behavior. Sleeping late on Saturday and Sunday, and those random days of the week that sometimes happen, when hubby and sister do not have to go to work as I LOVE to do seems to do me harm. I am much better Monday-Friday when I have to get up early for turbo-tot and I am up and down playing with him. Pretty much on the go all day.

Making myself do the stretching exercises. I mean what a bother.

Trying to sleep 'straight and aligned'. Uh-huh.

Sorry for this dominating so much of late, but you know, when you are in pain it is about all you can think about.

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