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New PostApril 13 - Peanuts - Not Just A Nut

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1.1 percent of the population has an allergy to peanuts.External Link And my nephew is one of them. And so an epi pen comes into my house tomorrow, and we have to start reading ingredients to avoid the trigger.

These are things one can't possibly know until it happens. Are you allergic to anything? Well you don't know until you've been exposed to whatever it is. I didn't know until the second time I had codeine that I am allergic to it.

Doctors always seem amazed when I tell them that, and they ask what happens. When I tell them that:

• I have violent vomiting
• My heart races and feels like it's coming out of my chest
• Buckets of sweat pour off of me
• I itch like crazy
• I feel like my head is not attached to my body

They shake their heads and say 'Yup, you are allergic to codeine'. Well duh! Yeah I know that.

But peanuts, damn! Peanuts and peanut oil apparently is in soooooo many foods.

I have already thrown out the walnuts since turbo-tot loves to crack them. Just from reading I don't want to take chances until he sees an allergist.

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