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New PostApril 24 - Murphy's Oil/Murphy's Law

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Want soft skin? Accidentally spill a bunch of Murphy's Oil Soap on yourself. It happened like this:

Having run out of liquid hand soap in the kitchen, and needing to now put a bar there, I sat down on the floor in front of the under the sink cabinets to find the other half to the plastic soap dish....I had to pull bottles and cans of cleaning stuff out during my search...

I have had a large spray bottle full of Murphy's mixed with water under there. Somehow the top had gotten loose and when I tipped it over it went all over me...I mean I was literally sitting in a pool of Murphy's. I had to wash up, change my clothes and clean up the mess. I did that with one very soft leg and two very soft ass cheeks. Forget the Oil of Olay...Good 'Ol Murphy's will do the trick....that is if you don't mind smelling like a cleaning closet.

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