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New PostApril 30 - Leave Annie Alone

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About Miley Cyrus... The only way I know about her is because turbo-tot went through a 'Hanna Montana' phase. Anyway...about the photograph that people are so up in arms about....

Let's not blame the photographer...I mean she's Annie Leibovitz. She's Annie freakin' Leibovitz! We all should be so lucky to be in front of her lens! She's a master, a legend. She's an artist. (And an inspiration to those that shoot..God we should be so lucky as to posses just a tad of her talent.) In case you don't know who she is read Wikipeida.External Link

I don't view the photo in question as 'racy'. It is a classic pose as far as modeling shots go. That said, I do think the shot is a bit too mature for the age of 15. But I'm not blaming the photographer, she was just doing what she does. They (Miley and parents) had to know her 'style' before that shoot/before agreeing to do the spread in the magazine. And as a minor, it would have been the parents who signed the contract and okayed the photographs.

The shots were proofed right there on the set. Miley and company agreed that the photos were good. That was back in what? February?

Now it's an issue. Why? If there was a problem with that shot why did the parents not step in and say...'Let's not use this one'?

The 'Hanna Montana' audience is mostly very young girls. So why is there a spread in Vanity Fair to begin with? Eight year old girls are not likely to be reading this mag.

Some are saying the whole thing was a publicity stunt...if that is the case, well then it's working. It's certainly generating stories and debate in the media.

And what about the media? Are the Cyrus' more concerned about the imagined undertones of the portrait or the young fans of the Disney show now being banned from it by parents? Why have there been no statements from Miley's parents on this issue during this hot (excuse the pun) debate? Was it indeed a publicity stunt to hopefully generate an older audience for the Disney star?

If the image in question is felt to be 'inappropriate' by the subject and/or the majority of the general public then lets blame those who okayed its release, not the photographer.

Blame for the controversy cannot be placed on the subject either. A child does not posses the maturity for always making correct decisions for themselves. As far as I am concerned, the blame for the contoversy lies with the parents. They could have just said no on behalf of their fifteen year old daughter/starlet.

And that is my opinion of the matter. And hey...at least Brittany is getting a rest for the moment until she goes and does something the media wants to jump all over.

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