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The story is too good not to tell. Call from my sister that turbo-tot may not go on an outing with uncle today. Bear in mind that there are plenty of kid stories, and in such a large family there are some that will go down in history.

My sister's boy is no exception to the rule. My son was on the phone and I noticed the light blinking and her number on the ID, so I called her back. When I talked to her I thought 'oh, I am soooo blogging this!'

Whilst on the phone for a mere three minutes prior to the call she placed to us, this 'all boy' nephew of mine saw fit to bring the hose through the back door into the house. The hose was on.

The child was in a time out when I called back.

Please know that while I do not condone such behavior, and his nose would be in the corner here as well for such an act, sitting back from here, having already lived through a host of boy behaviors myself, and since I'm not the one whose house was hosed.....well I can find humor in it.

Yeah...this is one that will go down in history. One of those that mom will be telling even when the tot is a grown man of forty.

There are lots of those in this family. We have an uncle who tells some hum dingers about raising four girls. And a cousin who is really good at telling kid stories. It's not that that her children are any different than anybody else's kids, it's the animated manner in which she tells her kid stories.

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