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New PostMay 8 - Stupid People Tricks

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True news story... A New York woman takes her family to the Maritime AquariumExternal Link in Norwalk, Connecticut. Her child stepped in dog poop outside of the Maritime parking garage.

Woman is suing the town of Norwalk for 100.00 claiming her child's shoes and the entire outing was ruined because the kid stepped in poop. She wants to be re-imbursed 54.00 for the 'ruined' shoes plus the admission and parking fee.

Hellooooo? Have we not heard of finding a bathroom and some paper towels and cleaning the shoes off? Does she think that is the last time the kid will ever step in poop? Listen lady...carry some Wet Wipes in your purse. Oh...and never take your kid to a farm..those cow pies are slippery, horse turds are huge, and the fields are fertilized with moo-moo dung.

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