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New PostJune 15 - Hoarding Gas

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You knew it was coming right? Reports coming in of people hoarding gasoline in eastern MA. How long before we take a trip back in time and re-visit the whole siphoning thing?

The thing is folks is that we knew this was coming. We got the warning way back in the early 70's.

Nobody paid attention. And now here it is over thirty five years later on the verge of worldwide economic disaster.

It's downright scary. We need serious forms of alternate energy/alternate fuel, and those choices need to be made affordable for everyone in every income bracket around the globe.

Hybrid cars for example.....cost 1500.00 - 4000.00 more than your average car. Granted down the line you end up saving, but how many of your 'average' and/or 'low income' people can afford the larger monthly payment?

Hybrids' need to become the 'norm', the 'rule' rather than the exception, and it needs to happen quickly.

We need a serious effort put into wind farms and solar energy. It is way past the time that these things should have already been done. Not only are we draining worldwide economy, we are killing the planet.

Another great depression? On a worldwide scale? Let's face it....it's not the same world, we are not the same country that it was and we were then. Look at how much of our economy depends on global travel...and that is just a small slice of the pie.

Technology has made the entire world more energy hungry. The huge growth of inhabitants on planet earth has made the entire world more energy hungry.

Where will we be in the next thirty five years? Do the sci-fi flicks 'Mad Max' and 'Waterworld' come to mind?

Really folks I am not all about gloom and doom, but the fact that we are where we are simply boggles my mind.

Something has to change, and it has to change NOW!

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Hi, just discovering your blog. My sentiments exactly about not heeding the warnings of the '70s. Here we caught with our pants down all these years later. Maybe the silver lining is that we will finally make alternative choices affordable and the necessary norm. I'll be checking back - really enjoy your posts! ”

CommentsPosted by: Marie Louise on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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