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New PostFebruary 15 - Be True To Thine Self

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I am who I am. That was the thought that went through my head as I was putting on sweats after my shower for the third day in a row. Three days since I'd worn 'normal clothes'. 'Normal here meaning jeans and a sweatshirt. Don't ask me why that thought went through my head. I can't explain what goes on in there...it can be a pretty freaky place sometimes.

Anyway...the point is that I am as about as far from a 'fashionista' as anyone could possibly be. For me it's all about comfort and function over fashion. I dress for myself and only for myself and I don't give a rats ass about how my attire is perceived by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

I would not think twice about wearing my high top black Dr. Scholl's shoes with a formal gown. (But then one would only get me into formal attire kicking and screaming in the first place. ) What would matter to me would be the comfort of my fallen arches, heel spurs, and arthritis bumps. Does it looks good? Does it 'go'. I don't give a shit! What would matter to me is not limping at the end of the day.

And what is the deal with 'dressing up' to go out to eat in a 'nice' restaurant? Who decided that we must wear garments that make us extremely uncomfortable in order to enjoy good food? Why? Because 'everyone else does'? Because someone who actually enjoys 'dressing up' at some time decided that's the way it should be?

Bullshit! I say 'be true to thine self'. And I always have been, am still, and always will be.

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