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New PostMarch 29 - The 'Write' Language

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Language likes and dislikes: I love the way other English speaking countries spell certain words. Look at the word colour next to color, and cheque next to check. When you see these words don't the American English versions pale next to their counterparts? Personally I think colour and cheque are visually more appealing. Classier.

On the other hand: What the hell is UP with the whole 'gangsta' thing? Am I saying that right? Is that what it is? You know the whole “Ima ” and “Iz ” thing? And wHaT ThE HeLl iZ thIS? HoW maNy Ppl cAN acTuALly rEaD ThIs? Seriously, I cannot understand half of what I try to read on MySpace pages because it's so hard to try to read and decipher what people are saying.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..instant messaging and text messaging is slaughtering the language, and working its way into our daily lives far too much. It's cute on I Can Has CheeseburgerExternal Link but let's leave it there okay?

But when I get too exasperated by it all there is always the word colour. Ahhhh...now that's better.

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