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New PostApril 2 - Spring

New Post

Ahhhh....spring is starting to happen. It was a long ass winter. But now the days are warming. Nights are still cold, but there is light at the end of the long winter tunnel. The trees are budding, and the birds are coming back. Soon I will see Daffies popping their yellow heads up from the ground.

If it weren't for the fact that the nights can still go down to near freezing I would remove the plastic from the windows and turn the living room back around to it's 'warm weather configuration'. I am seriously considering taking the plastic off the window above my sink in the kitchen though. So that on warmer days I might open at least one of the side crank windows. That would allow me to get the plant off the top of the fridge and get it back into some more direct sunshine.

Yes soon....soon all of the outdoor activity places will open, my yard will dry up and not be smooshy-gooshy, and the world outside will once again be awash with color. This is why I don't do New Year's eve or day. To me THIS is the 'new year'. When everything that lives beyond walls once again comes to life. I ♥ spring.

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