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New PostJuly 2 - Video Play

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Trying to get artsy with video. Am I going to be content shooting clips of nephew and other 'normal' things? Nope. This...this is the kind of stuff I want to do. Well not crappy like this first attempt at this type of thing with a motion camera, but you get the idea right?

I have taken the frame rate here down to ten frames per second to achieve the slow motion effect. Actually this isn't how slow motion video is done. To do it up right for a slo-mo effect it's actually supposed to be shot at high speed. But well....that type of video camera is sooooooo expensive. So you work with what you have and experiment a lot.

I have another idea involving a balloon, but no time presently to partake in play. Life comes a'calling and play has to be set aside for a bit. Meanwhile....ideas are forming for when I do have time to play,

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