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New PostApril 6 - Don't Get Scammed

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I don't believe that people are still falling for Internet scams. The article is inside the 'Read More' link. I just cannot fathom that people actually fall for scams especially 'internet scams'.

Listen folks...if it sounds too good to be true then yeah...it's not real...it's someone trying to take you for a fool. DELETE the bullshit e-mails that promise you the moon, if the website looks like it was designed by 'cousin Joey' then yeah, it's probably someone working out of their basement, and might not be legit. If they don't get a professional site, then let's just assume that they aren't professional.

And puuuleeeeeze....do NOT think you are getting a 'deal' on expensive software on eBay. It's isn't legit or legal, it's pirated and it WILL NOT INSTALL, REGISTER, AND ACTIVATE. Let's use Adobe as an example...Adobe's software is costly. There are THREE ways to buy it. 1) Through Adobe itself 2)Through a retail store such as Staples etc. 3)Educational versions for students through legit companies. Read what Adobe has to sayExternal Link about buying from online auctions.

americans lose millions to internet scams:

WASHINGTON (AP) It's a record for the Internet, but not necessarily one to be proud of. The government reports the amount of money lost in Internet crimes hit a new high last year. The report from the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center says about 240 million dollars last year was lost to scams and other Internet-based rip-offs. The report says the number of scams dropped slightly from previous years. But the total lost to online crimes jumped by 40 million dollars. The report says more men than women filed complaints saying they were ripped off, with men also losing more money, on average, per scam. And the report says people over 40 reported losing more than those in their 20's.”

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